Help us Seat You!

Over the past two seasons our game day fan experience has improved consistently. With crowds of over 300 people attending home in the latter part of last season we’re keen to improve the experience even more. One of the key issues we face is seating, and as the crowds grow its getting harder and harder for people to see the action. With an improved team for next season, a continuation of the partnership with Dance Like No-ones Watching and a new partnership with Pioneer cheerleading we think our game day experience will be one of the best in the business, and one of the best family nights out in Rossendale.

To help us improve the experience, and attract even more fans we’ve got a plan to sort out the seating, but to do it we need your help!

We’ve found a great deal on seating that gives us a capacity of well over 350, including 150-175 persons seated on a tiered seating system. The seating system stores conveniently and is movable meaning that it can be in different configurations for different events and can be moved to different locations giving the club a lot of flexibility moving forward.
The cost of the seating is £7,000-£8,000 and although this is a lot of money this is significantly less than many other seating option that we’ve looked into.

So how are we going to raise the money???
We’ve got some ideas:
- Firstly an opportunity for local businesses to “buy a seat” for £100. Any company that does this will have their logo listed on our wall of fame banner that will be permanently displayed on the seating system and on our website.
- Secondly, we have an opportunity for club members, fans and local people to donate £50 to “buy a seat” to have their name listed on our wall of fame.
- Thirdly, we’re going to do fundraising events including supermarket bag packs and other and we hope that you will support these with us.
- Fourthly, we’re going to be doing a big sponsored event where each club member will be able to raise sponsorship money.
We will be hosting a sponsored “free-throw-a-thon” where club members will be able to approach family and friends to raise money depending on the amount of free throws they score. This will be a good fun event and hopefully we’ll all be able to contribute, both seniors and juniors. (We’ll also find out who the clubs best free throw shooters are!!)
More details about the free-throw-a-thon will be coming shortly. IN the meantime, if you’re in a position to “buy a seat” or make a contribution please contact< who will be tallying the amount raised and making sure that our facebook page is continually updated with the amount raised.

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